Episode 1x08: Deadly Medicine

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Carjack parking lot
155 W 3rd Ave



Molly's Gourmet Deli
1832 Columbia St
(no longer there)

City Center Hospital interior
See BC Children's Hospital

Antique store exterior
(establishing shot)

See Blood Alley Square

Carrall & Water intersection
(Brothers Restaurant, red awning)
See Maple Tree Square

City Center Hospital exterior
See Episode 4x04

Police station exterior
See The Bridge Studios

Clancy's restaurant, pier
Marina Grill, 1653 Columbia St, N Vancouver
See also: Season 1 Episode 9
& Season 3 Episode 7

front entrance [49.301692,-123.027578]
& inside/rear [49.301609,-123.027222]

Sleeping off the morphine

The pier

Seacouver skyline
See Episode 1x01

Street near antique store
See Episode 1x02

Wilder's house
Altnadene house, 6450 Deer Lake Ave

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