Episode 2x01: The Watchers
Vancouver Screencaps

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Angel statue
Paris alley

See France Screencaps

unknown location
Reused in Season 2 Episode 15 & Season 3 Episode 18

Seacouver skyline
See Episode 1x02

Streets of Seacouver
looking for 27NJS

west on W Hastings St
away from Carrall St

west on W Hastings St
toward Cambie St

unknown street

New Jessup
401 W Cordova St


N Jay St.
407 W Cordova St

Joe's bookstore
311 W Cordova St

Kenneth Gord Publications
328 W Cordova St

Antique store &
Alley 'behind' KGP

See Blood Alley Square

Fight alley
alley SE of Maple Tree Square

Alley 'near' bookstore
north of Drake St
between Howe & Granville

Under a bridge
Continental St, under Granville St

Bingo hall
1351 Continental St (725 Rolston Crescent)
(no longer there)

Horton's condo
Viva Tower, 828 Drake St
Reused in Season 4 Episode 10

The condo interior was shot inside this building, in #204 (6-bedroom suite).


4x10: Chivalry

Warehouse (interior)
See Celtic Shipyards

Seacouver street corner
Water & Cordova intersection

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