Episode 2x03: Turnabout

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Raskers Prison
establishing shot

unknown location

Dojo exterior
See Dojo

Ramp 'near' dojo
See Plaza of Nations

Plaza area
See Plaza of Nations

Asylum, cemetery, rectory,
sidewalk, Michael's hotel
(& prison interior)

Riverview Hospital
2601 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlan
See also Season 4 Episode 7
(arachnatorium interior)

Thornhurst Asylum


Father Morton's rectory

Park sidewalk
& Joe on cell phone


Michael's hotel

Outdoor path
See Plaza of Nations

Courthouse establishing shots
See Robson Square

Seacouver bridge
(establishing shot)

See Episode 1x01

Antique store exterior
See Blood Alley Square

Construction yard
8451 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond

The white building behind MacLeod in the 2nd screencap is 8451 Bridgeport Rd.

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