Episode 2x13: Bless the Child

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Ranch house
See Episode 1x01

unknown locations
Also in Season 4 Episode 1 & Season 5 Episode 12

4x01: Homeland

5x12: Revelation 6:8

Mount Seymour Provincial Park
(exact location unknown)

Crash site,
mountain road,
pile of trees

Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
(middle clearing)
Also in Season 5 Episode 7

2x13: Bless the Child

5x07: Haunted

After 20 years, this location looks quite a bit different. It is across the road from the 'MacGyver' cabin where they encounter the bear (which is now just an empty clearing).

See Episode 1x07

River / Bridge
Spur 4 Bridge, LSCR
Also in Season 3 Episode 13

2x13: Bless the Child

3x13: Blind Faith

NOT MacGyver cabin
(establishing shot)

stock shot
*unknown location*
Also in Season 3 Episode 4

MacGyver cabin
See Episode 1x04

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