Episode 2x14: Unholy Alliance
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Arc de Triomphe,
Paris street (estab),
Flower shop & alley

See France Screencaps

Manhattan skyline
from S tip of Roosevelt Island

New York parking garage
132 W Esplanade Ave, N. Vancouver

Horton's warehouse
unknown location

Maritime Museum
1905 Ogden Ave, Kitsilano








H.R. MacMillan Space Centre
1100 Chestnut St, Kitsilano
Vanier Park
Planetarium interior is
at Season 4 Episode 9.

Rural Scotland
See France Screencaps

Dojo exterior
See Dojo

The Wellington
1615 Trafalgar St, Kitsilano

Park bench by ocean
near Maritime Museum Ferry Dock

After looking at this scene again, I think we got the location wrong last time. We took photos at [49.278287,-123.147913], south of the ferry dock, but from the view behind DM in the reverse shot, I think it may actually be north of the dock at the tip of the little cape at [49.279106,-123.147618] instead.

Parking lot
Lions Gate Hospital
231 15th St E, N Vancouver

Delaney's apartment
1593 Larch St, Kitsilano

Path near waterfront
See Plaza of Nations

Mercy Hospital
(establishing shot)

unknown location

Hospital interior
unknown location
Also in Season 2 Episode 15

2x14: Unholy Alliance

2x14: Unholy Alliance

2x15: Unholy Alliance II

Horton's crypt
See Episode 2x10

Joe's house
1729 Trafalgar St, Kitsilano
Also in Season 3 Episode 4

2x14: Unholy Alliance

2x14: Unholy Alliance
3x04: The Cross of St. Antoine

Boat dock
Maritime Museum Ferry Dock
1905 Ogden Ave, Kitsilano

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