Episode 3x02: Line of Fire

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Train yard
Westminster Pier Park
near 407 Front St, New Westminster

Dojo exterior
See Dojo

Richie's apartment
Woodward's development, 128 W Cordova St
(torn down in 2006)

The apartment building has been rebuilt since the episode aired, but the view at the end of the street is still recognizable.

535 Front St, New Westminster

Lakota Sioux lake
See Episode 1x01

Lakota Sioux camp
See Episode 1x07

St. Paul's Anglican Church, 1130 Jervis St
Also in Season 5 Episode 10

3x02: Line of Fire

5x10: The Valkyrie

Joe's Bar
Season 2-4 Production Office
770 Pacific Blvd (Plaza of Nations)
loading dock
Also in Season 3 Episodes 4,6,9,11,12,13,16,17,
Season 4 Episodes 2,4,7,11,13,21
& Season 5 Episodes 2,4,5,7,8,9

Joe's bar was at one of the loading docks of the production office building. Sadly, that building has been torn down and is now just a parking lot. :-(

Photos of the Plaza area are at Plaza of Nations.

(establishing shot)
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4x11: Timeless

3x02: Line of Fire

3x09: Shadows

3x09: Shadows

4x02: Brothers in Arms

4x02: Brothers in Arms

unknown location
(in New Westminster?)

Street near Richie's apartment
Abbott & Cordova intersection

1x12: [49.283183,-123.106611]
3x02: [49.283218,-123.106763]
3x07: [49.282742,-123.106967]

Also in Season 1 Episode 12
& Season 3 Episode 7

1x12: Eyewitness

(Abbott St, looking SW)

3x02: Line of Fire

3x07: The Lamb

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