Episode 3x12: They Also Serve

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Hong Kong
(establishing shot)

unknown location

Diving pool
788 Jervis St

They used to have a pool at this location but it was renovated and turned into a fitness centre and conference rooms.

Also, if I remember correctly, I think Steve Geaghan told us that the diving board was added for the episode - the pool was deep enough for one, it just didn't have one.

Parked motorhome
parking lot for 450 Stanley Park Dr

Joe's Bar
See Episode 3x02

Outer Mongolia
*unknown location*

alley between Robson & Alberni

This alley is across the street from the apartment complex where the pool was.

Dojo exterior
See Dojo

MacLeod's cabin
See Episode 1x01

Dam near cabin
Seymour Falls Dam

This is a small runoff pond at the end of Mt Seymour Rd, on the other side of the Mystery Peak Express ski lift and up the hill from MacLeod's cabin.

Road near dam
Mt Seymour Rd

Just down the road from Episode 1x07.

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