Episode 4x07: The Colonel

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Joe's Bar
See Episode 3x02

Parking garage
900 W Cordova

We were looking for a parking garage at least 5 floors TALL and in actuality it is an underground garage 5 floors DEEP. P-5 is the restricted-access bottom floor.

See Celtic Shipyards

757 W Hastings Street

Dojo exterior
See Dojo

Flashback: French battlefield
*unknown location*
Reused in Season 6 Episode 10

Flashback: Military tribunal
*unknown location*

Flashback: Prison hallway
*unknown location*

*unknown location*

Beauty salon
*unknown location*

Riverview Hospital
2601 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlan
See also Season 2 Episode 3
(Thornhurst Asylum, etc)

Arachnatorium exterior
See France Screencaps
Episode 3x18

Abandoned military base
fallout shelter

2466 E 1st Ave

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