Episode 4x13: Something Wicked
Vancouver Screencaps

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Mountain road

Seacouver skyline (mt road)
See Episode 1x07

Seacouver establishing shot
See Episode 1x12

Chinese restaurant,
Dark Quickening

See Episode 3x10

Near Arlen Ridge
Capilano Salmon Hatchery
4500 Capilano Park Rd, N Vancouver

parking lot/dam [49.356202,-123.11054]
Cable Pool Bridge [49.355326,-123.110829]
Cable Pool [49.354230,-123.110790]

Capilano River Park Map

Salmon Hatchery

MacLeod and Richie first walk past the bridge, then walk the same path again and turn onto the bridge.

Cable Pool Bridge

Cable Pool

Searching for Kern,
Holy ground dream sequence


Mountain establishing shot
(for flashback)


US Army outpost
reclaimed gravel pit, LSCR

Joe's Bar
See Episode 3x02

Greenwich Village parking lot
*unknown location*

Outside Stavros' Bar
*unknown location*

Wilderness establishing shots
*unknown locations*

Outside pawn shop
*unknown location*
Also in Season 6 Episode 12

(re-used in 6x12: To Be)

Dojo exterior
See Dojo

Seacouver skyline, night
See Episode 1x13

Joe watching fight/Quickening
*unknown location*

Boat dock
See France Screencaps

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