Zzickle's TV Shows Page
    ACTORS Off the Beaten Path
      My favorite actors
    BUFFY Buffy the Vampire Slayer
      episode-related wallpapers,
      Spike-Ken doll, links
    HIGHLANDER Highlander: The Series
      Endgame movie review,
      photos, links
    TRANSCRIPTS Television Episode Transcripts
      Serenity comics, Queen of Swords,
      Highlander, Monarch of the Glen
    FANFICTION Fanfiction Links

      BtVS:gen/adult/ R-NC17
      Harry Potter:PG-Teen/ adult/slash
      Highlander:gen/het/ slash
      Merlin:general/ Merlin/Arthur
      The Sentinel:general/ Jim/Blair / trope
      Sherlock:general/ Johnlock (mostly)
      Stargate:general/ McShep (mostly)
      Star Trek:gen/het/ K/S (mostly)
      X-Files:gen/het/ Mulder/Krycek



      / R-NC17 & slash

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