Pern Television/Movie Casting


The characters that I have actors for so far are:

Brand Character: Brand

Actor: Richard Burgi

Previous role: Jim Ellison - The Sentinel
Richard Burgi
Kylara Character: Kylara

Actor: Hudson Leick

Previous role: Callisto - Xena: Warrior Princess
Hudson Leick
F'lar Character: F'lar

Actor: David Duchovny

Previous role: Fox Mulder - The X-Files
David Duchovny
MasterHealer Oldive Character: MasterHealer Oldive

Actor: Peter Wingfield

Previous roles: Methos - Highlander
Dr. Helm - Queen of Swords
Peter Wingfield

And for the Moreta time period:

Alessan Character: Alessan

Actor: Tom Welling

Previous role(s): Clark Kent - Smallville
Tom Welling


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