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If you're looking for Tess's page, it is here. (Tess is a yellow Labrador retriever that I raised through the Puppy-Walker program of Aggie Guide-Dogs and Service-Dogs.)

Mojo Somebody lost their 'mojo'! A stray cockatiel appeared in my backyard in summer of 2014... and suddenly I was a bird owner. (I did try every avenue to find her previous owner but was unsuccessful.)
Then, a year later (on the Ides of March), my cousin-in-law had a cockatiel land on her shoulder when she was out in her front yard... and now I have TWO cockatiels!

These two are complete opposites!
Ida in an extrovert - she likes to be on my shoulder and snuggle and ask for head scritches. She is also a strong flyer and is a bit of a loudmouth.
Mojo is an introvert - she doesn't like hands near her and tends to be quieter. She can't fly very well, but she will at least 'step up' on my finger if she doesn't make it back to her cage when I let her out.

In Memoriam

Summer I adopted Summer at the Denton 'Dog Days of Summer' annual event, from the East Dallas Humane Society. They had already named her; I couldn't think of anything I liked better, so the name stuck.

K.C. / Kaycee I adopted Kaycee as a kitten from the Aggie Feral Cat Alliance of Texas (AFCAT). She was a Christmas present for my mother, but she REALLY liked to talk, so I ended up with her in the end. Her name was derived from a set of initials: KC stood for Kitty Cat (or Kyle's Cat, according to my cousin). ;-)
Christmas nap Another photo of Kaycee, about a year after the above one.
Cuddling Kaycee snoozing with my parents' cat Bonkers in the old recliner.
Friends Summer and Kaycee always got along well.
Toilet-trained! My successful attempt to eliminate litter boxes from my daily routine. All I had to do was flush!

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