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April 2001
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Dear Friends,

Me & mom by the vanWell, it is official - I am now the smartest dog in the state. How many other canines do you know that have attended an entire year of vet school? Of course, I *did* sleep through most of those classes . . .

Now that all of Mom's finals are over, I have time to fill ya'll in on what I've been up to this past month. First of all, we did *not* go home to Sanger for Easter weekend. Instead we went to Houston to visit some relatives. Mom took me with her to an art museum that was hosting a Star Wars exhibit and we got our pictures taken next to some of the costumes and props. I was on my very bestest behavior and got lots of praise afterwards for doing so well in the museum. Me, Mom, Chewbacca, & Han Solo

At the very beginning of May, AGS held a graduation party for me at their last meeting of the semester. I got a brand new rubber chew toy and mom got a nifty plaque with my name on it. There was even a cake that had a picture on it of me in my jacket! Those photos haven't been developed yet, but keep an eye out for them at my webpage.
Me, Mom, Chewbacca, & Han Solo

I had my hips x-rayed at the vet's today and got a clean bill of health on them for a career as a workin' dog. Next step is to get together with Steven and start contacting service-dog schools.

Until next time . . .

Lotsa kisses,


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