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June 2001
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Dear Friends,

Tess, Indy, & PepperMost of June was not terribly exciting, although I went with mom to a movie and a couple other place. However, I have done a little bit more recently than I was last month. First, mom was busy with Vacation Bible School at church. She was teaching the 4th grade class and with 25 kids to wrangle, she decided to leave me home after the first day. Not that I wasn't being very good, but it's hard not to be a distraction to a group of hyperactive kids when you're as cute as I am. At the VBS kickoff Saturday morning, I got to help mom at the face-painting booth and then she took me over to meet the sheep and goats that were staked out for the kids to pet. I'd never seen a goat up close before and wasn't really sure what to make of it at first.

Tess & Bonkers

On the Fourth of July, Mom took me out to the lake. I got to go swimming and Mom found a stick that she could throw out in the water for me to swim out and get. That was a lot of fun. Then we went somewhere else and watched fireworks. Well, Mom watched the fireworks with her friends. I looked at a few of them, but wasn't very impressed.

Mom has been working on a garage sale since last month, and I think she is planning on having it this weekend. I just hope she doesn't try to sell any of my tennis balls!

Until next time . . .

Lotsa kisses,


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