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February 2000
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Dear Friends,

So much has happened this month that I don't know where to begin. After staying for a short time with some girls and their animals, I moved in with my new mommy. She doesn't have any other pets for me to play with, but she does have three roommates and sometimes I can talk them into playing with me for a bit.

This new home is way up off the ground - It's on the second floor of the building! I can go up and down the stairs all by myself now, although when I first got here I made mom carry me down them 'cause it was awfully scary Tess - 2 months oldstanding at the top and looking way down to the bottom. Either I'm getting bigger or they're getting smaller, because they don't seem nearly as scary as they use to.

Actually, I think I must be the one getting bigger, because I've also discovered that with a bit of work I can now climb into mom's bathtub. I couldn't do that when I first got here, and I like it in there. It's the perfect place to curl up for a nice cool nap.

Oh, and you'll never guess what happened to me this last weekend! Mom put my leash on and took me out onto the stairs to meet her friend Sarah. Sarah had a pet of her own with her. He was a really BIG pet! Mom called him a horse. He smelled funny, and did I mention he was BIG? But I wan't at all afraid of him. He mostly just stood there and he didn't bark at me or anything, which is what most of the little dogs that live around here do when they see me.

Lotsa kisses,


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