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March 2000
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Dear Friends,

I've grown so much since my last letter that I'm going to need a new collar soon! I guess the biggest excitement My Spring Break vacation that I've had this past month was my Spring Break vacation. My mom went to someplace called Florida while I got to stay with a guy in San Antonio. I had so much fun exploring his house and playing with the other dogs that lived there!

Now that I've had the last of my puppy shots, mom has started taking me to campus in the evenings. I started obedience classes at the vet school right after spring break and we've also been going to the AGS socializations every Wednesday. I love getting to meet all of the other dogs, especially when mom lets me run around and play with them.

I've also discovered television since I last wrote to you. My favorite channel is Animal Planet. I watched a show about hummingbirds yesterday morning after I asked mom to turn the tv on for me. I don't really understand the tv - I can see something that looks like an animal and Tess - 3 mths. old sounds like one, but I can't smell it. In addition to the bird show, I watched another about some bears catching salmon, but I think my favorite shows are the ones about dogs.

One last piece of news about this past month is that one of mom's roommates has a pet of her own now. It's called a sugar glider. At first it was REALLY tiny and mostly just slept, but now it is bigger. I'm still not quite sure what to make of it, but I leave it alone when mom tells me to.

Lotsa kisses,


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