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April 2000
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Dear Friends,

This weekend I got to meet my mom's parents for the first time. They stayed here at the condo and were very nice. On Saturday, my mom took me along with them to campus and we walked around for a while. The president and vice-president of the university had their houses open to the public and I got to go in. I was on my very best At President Bowen's residence behavior and received lots of compliments. The president's wife was REALLY impressed when I didn't move from my down-stay the whole time that mom was talking with her. After going through the houses, we went over to west campus for a picnic lunch with the Biomedical Science Association. There was another dog there - a little white one. She was friendly, and so were her people.

I've been going to obedience classes every Monday and Thursday and I really think I have improved. I can even go potty when mom asks me to after the class is over! I've also been going to campus every Wednesday evening. There are lots of other dogs there with their people and we walk all over campus. We always end up at the same big grassy area and it is so much fun to get to run around and play with all of the other dogs without having to worry about sitting, or heeling, or being still. There's almost always a puddle of water on the sidewalk near one end that's very handy for grabbing a quick drink, although for some reason mom and the other people yell at us when we go over there. I don't really understand what all the fuss is about. Puddles were made for splashing in, weren't they?

Lotsa kisses,


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