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May 2000
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Dear Friends,

Today is my 6 month birthday! Earlier this week my mom took me to the vet's to get spayed. When I woke up I felt icky and even threw up a bit so they had me spend the night there and mom came to get me the next morning. I was sore for a day or two, even though the vet gave mom some pain medicine for me, but don't worry - I feel much better now.

This past month I've gotten to do a lot of neat things. I spent one weekend with an AGS officer while mom was out of town. I also spent one night with Shelly, who took me to a school the next day. There were lots of kids there and I was soooo excited when they got to come up and pet me! I went to 2 other school presentations with my mom just this past week. One day we were in a classroom and the second day was in a cafeteria. I liked that day better because I got to walk around more and afterwards I got to say hello to all of the kids. Courtney was there with her dog, Kylee, and we got to show off some of the things that I learned in my obedience classes.

Well, since I mentioned that today is my 6 month birthday, I'll bet you are wondering what kind of birthday present I got. I'll give you a hint. It is made of blue material, has velcro straps, and says "AGS Puppy-in-training" on it. That's right! I qualified for my jacket today. I'm not really sure why it's so important, but mom is really excited about it so it must be something good. I got to wear one of those jackets for the school presentations, but now I've got one of my own for keeps.

Mom and I are leaving College Station tomorrow to spend the summer at her parents' house. We're doing something REALLY exciting next month, but I'll wait until the next letter to tell you all about that.

Lotsa kisses,


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