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July 2000
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Dear Friends,

Well, we're back in the Texas heat again. The trip from Alaska was pretty uneventful - to tell you the truth, I slept for most of the plane ride down. A few days after we got back, Mom took me along on a day trip back to the condo at A&M. We got another bag of dog food, in addition to running some errands at the vet school. This new dog food is for adult dogs, not the puppy chow that I was eating before, but it tastes just as good.

Earlier this month, I got to help vaccinate cows - actually I mostly stayed under the truck where it was shady. I thought that chasing the calves might be fun, but mom disagreed, so I had to stop doing that.

It is very hot out now and there are grasshoppers everywhere. This past week, Mom took me to vacation Our VBS class bible school at her church. She was helping in the kindergarten class. She let the kids pet me when we first got there in the morning and right before they all left to go home. They were very good about not bothering me while I was wearing my 'working' jacket. While Mom was doing things with the kids, I had to lie down and be good, but Mom always brought my bone for me so I wouldn't get too bored.

Last night I went to my very first movie theater. Mom and her family wanted to see a movie called Chicken Run. I guess it was good 'cause they were laughing at it, but don't ask me what the movie was about, because I slept through it.

I can't believe there's only one more month before Mom and I go back to stay at the condo again. I'll probably spend most of my time inside on the nice cool tile floors, watching the grasshoppers jumping at the window screens.

Lotsa kisses,


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