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December 2000
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Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas everybody! The fall semester is finally over and we are back in Sanger for the holidays. After the snowstorm Boy have I had an exciting break! A few hours after we got to Sanger, a big snow/ice storm hit and the next morning there was a layer of white all over the ground. I got to see snow at Valdez in Alaska last summer, so this wasn't anything new, but I still love to play in it. Especially when I have lots of tennis balls and Big Sticks to carry around!

Me, Mom, & Santa

Christmas wouldn't be complete without Santa Claus. I got to meet him in person at a Christmas party that Mom took me. I also helped Mom with her Christmas shopping at the local mall. We spent Christmas at her Grandpa's house, which is only a few blocks away from our house. There were lots of people there, plus Smokey - the resident cat. Smokey doesn't think much Tess, Bonkers, & K.C. of dogs 'cause the dog next door likes to chase her up trees, but I am very good about leaving her alone, so she doesn't mind me being in her house *too* much. At least Kaycee and Bonkers like playing with me.

In a few days I am going to stay in Corpus Christy with a Puppy Sitter named Renee while Mom goes skiing in Colorado. Then it is back to A&M for another semester of vet classes to sleep through. Until next time . . .

Lotsa kisses,


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