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January 2001
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Dear Friends,

Well, Christmas break is over, and Mom and I are back at the condo at A&M. I spent the very last week of the break in Corpus Christy with a puppy sitter named Renee. I had a lot of fun investigating her family's cats and by the end of the week, I had all of the human members of her family well trained in ball throwing skills!

When I got back from my vacation down south, Mom and I both had new looks - Mom got a hair cut before she My new jacket went skiing and when we got back to A&M, I got a new puppy in-training jacket. It is smaller than the old one, and it is made from a more durable material, plus it has zipper pouches on the sides, buckles instead of velcro straps (so I don't stick to the carpet anymore!), and a big patch on the back that says "Please don't pet me . . . I'm working." Mom was really excited to get this new jacket for me 'cause I'd just about worn my old one out!

Another big change that just happened to us is that The new car Mom got a new car. She did have a 20 year old pontiac (the blue car on the right) but things kept going wrong with it, so now I have a new stationwagon to shed hair in when we drive places. :-)

Until next time . . .

Lotsa kisses,


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