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November 2000
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Dear Friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mom and I went to Sanger last weekend to celebrate with her family on Saturday, and I got to see my friend Bonkers again. So anyway, this week during the holiday break I've been cooped up indoors while Mom does more of that 'studying' stuff. She says in just 2 more weeks we'll be going back to Sanger again for a lot longer, but that until then she's going to be pretty busy staring at her books and papers. I wish I knew what was so fascinating about them. Personally, I'd much rather have a tennis ball to chew on.

Speaking of Bonkers (and cats in general), yesterday Mom adopted a kitten from some people up at the vet K.C. - the new kitten school. I think it is supposed to be a Christmas present for her parents. This kitten looks a lot like Bonkers, but she is a LOT smaller than him, and Mom won't let me play with her the way I do with Bonkers. Sometimes I bring one of my balls over to the kitten, but I can never quite talk her into throwing it for me . . . come to think of it, I could never get Bonkers to do that either . . . sigh, guess I'll just have to be sure there's always a human or two around if I want to play fetch.

Lotsa kisses,


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