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October 2000
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Dear Friends,

Another month has gone by already? Wow, can you believe that in just a few more weeks I will be celebrating my first birthday? I will be one whole year old on November 15! I hope this doesn't mean that I have to stop acting like a puppy sometimes (when I'm not 'working', that is). I love tennis balls and sticks sooooo much. Mom's roommate has a boyfriend who comes over sometimes. I always try my hardest to entice him into a game of catch-the-ball. I've even been thoughtful enough to carefully peel off all of the yellow fuzz so the balls don't get soggy when I play with them for a long time. :-)

Mom had another set of tests just recently. I think she's glad they're finally over. I'm just glad that I'll get to go to the Wednesday night dog socialization this week, since I've missed going the past 2 weeks while Mom studied. AGS Socialization Speaking of AGS socializations, here's a picture that Mom took earlier this month. I'm in the center with all of my doggy friends and their moms and dads (oops, guess I wasn't looking at the camera in that one).

I don't think we're planning on doing anything much for Halloween, except maybe give out candy if anyone comes knocking. I guess I'll just lounge around the condo and take it easy. It's a dog's life, after all . . .

Lotsa kisses,


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