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September 2000
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Dear Friends,

I apologize for the delay of my letter this month. It's rather hard to use a keyboard when all you've got is paws, so getting these typed out depends upon when mom has the free time to transcribe them for me. This past week, however she's been too busy for pretty much anything, Tess - 10 months old although it doesn't seem to me that she was all that busy. I mean, all she did was sit in a chair and stare at sheets of paper for hours on end. She called it "test week". I remember when she had tests last spring, but it was NOTHING like this. I guess it must be a vet school thing.

I hope they don't have 'test weeks' very often in vet school. I'm still getting over my cabin fever from being cooped up indoors every evening and two weekends in a row. I really did try very hard to entice mom into going outside with me and playing 'keep away' or 'chase'. Oh well, at least I got to play with Molly on Thursday.

Who's Molly? That's right, I guess I haven't told you about the other AGS puppies. We all get togother on Wednesday evenings to run around and play. Molly is a little brown and white dog. Her dad, Matt, takes me with him on Thursday afternoons so mom can go to her labs. There's also Foster, and Dinah. Foster is a male black lab. He's a lot younger than I am but is a lot of fun to play with. Dinah's my age but she's a lot smaller and doesn't like it when we start to get roudy. I can't wait until tomorrow evening. We didn't go to Wednesday socialization night last week (due to mom's aforementioned 'test week'), so I am *really* looking forward to seeing the gang again.

Well, since mostly what I've been doing this month is sleeping through mom's classes, I don't really have much else to tell you about. So until next month . . .

Lotsa kisses,


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