Disclaimer: All of the following are either direct quotes or paraphrasing of excerpts
from A Guide to Middle Earth by Robert Foster.

Hash-marked# names are characters present/mentioned in the Hobbit movies.
*Asterisked names are characters present/mentioned in the LotR movies.

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| *Fangorn | *Lothlórien | Mirkwood# | Old Forest |
| *Amon Hen | *Caradhras | Carrock# | *Emyn Muil |
| Erebor# | *Misty Mts# | *Orodruin |

Rivers, Forests, Mountains



Major river flowing from the far north to the Bay of Belfalas. The Anduin passes between Mirkwood and the Misty Mountains, and past Fangorn Forest (the Entwash is one of its tributaries), Rohan, and Ithilien.


A river flowing south/south-west toward the Sea, the Baranduin passes through the Shire and separates Buckland from the East Farthing. The original Hobbitish name for this river was Branda-nîn, meaning "border water", which eventually became Bralda-hîm, "heady ale", translated as Brandywine.

Long Lake#:

An oval-shaped lake east of Mirkwood near Erebor. Location of Esgaroth.

*Midgewater Marshes:

Marshes between Bree and Weathertop, infested with midges and other insects.

*Dead Marshes:

Marshes east of the Emyn Muil, engulfing the graves of the Elves and Men slain in the Battle of Dagorlad. These graves became the Mere of Dead Faces, a dark pool within the marshes where the faces of the dead and lit candles could be seen beneath the surface of the water, but could not be reached.


*Fangorn Forest:

The eastern remnant of a great forest once covering much of Middle-earth west of the Misty Mountains, Fangorn Forest is located east of the southern tip of the Misty Mountains. Home to the Ents, Fangorn Forest was named after Fangorn the Ent, who was guardian of the forest. The forest is bounded on the west by the Misty Mountains, on the south and east by Rohan, and to the north can be seen the woods of Lórien. The Rohirrim refer to the forest as the Entwood.


A woodland realm of mallorn trees, ruled by Galadriel and Celeborn and home to the Galadrim. The name means 'Dreamflower' in Sindarin, although it was originally called Laurelindórinan ('Land of the Valley of Singing Gold' in Quenya).


Originally named Greenwood the Great, Mirkwood was renamed when Sauron built Dol Guldur there in the Third Age. As Sauron's power grew, black squirrels, Orcs, and great spiders spread through the forest. The Elves of the Woodland Realm remained in northern Mirkwood, and after the War of the Ring, the woods were cleansed and renamed Eryn Lasgalen.

Old Forest:

Forest north of the Shire between Buckland and the Barrow-downs and a remnant of the same great forest as Fangorn. The trees of the Old Forest, such as Old Man Willow, were malevolent and mobile, and were likely as old as those of Fangorn. At one time during the Third Age, the trees of the Forest attacked Buckland, but they were driven off when the Hobbits set a fire in the area later known as the Bonfire Glade. Tom Bombadil lived on the eastern borders of the Forest and had great power over all of the Forest's inhabitants.


*Amon Hen:

One of the three peaks just above the falls of Rauros on the banks of the Anduin. Amon Hen was on the west bank and the Seat of Seeing was built on its summit. Amon Lhaw, on the east bank, held the Seat of Hearing, and Tol Brandir was a sheer-sided mountain-island at the edge of the falls.


Caradhras was the Elvish name for Barazinbar, one of the mountains of Moria and home of the world's only mithril-vein. In Westron, it was called Redhorn because of its sheer, dull-red sides. The Redhorn Pass, on the southern side of Caradhras, was one of the most important passes over the Misty Mountains. Caradhras was well-known for its bad weather.


A great rock in the Anduin about thirty miles north of the Old Ford. Beorn carved steps and a high seat in the Carrock, and often came there.

*Emyn Muil:

Rough hill-country on either side of the Anduin above Rauros, composed of sharp ridges and deep valleys.

Erebor (Lonely Mountain)#:

A mountain east of Mirkwood and west of the Iron Hills, settled by Thráin I and Durin's Folk who were fleeing from Moria. The Kingdom under the Mountain flourished until the coming of Smaug, who dwelled in Erebor with his hoard for almost 200 years before he was disturbed by Thorin and Company and then slain by Bard. The kingdom was then re-established by Dáin II and flourished once more.

*Misty Mountains#:

A large mountain chain running 900 miles from the Northern Waste to the Gap of Rohan. During the Third Age, the range was infested with Orcs. Also, the Dwarf-palace of Khazad-dûm was delved beneath the southern peaks of the Misty Mountains. Two important passes through the Misty Mountains are the High Pass, east of Rivendell and used by Thorin and Company, and the Redhorn Pass on the slopes of Caradhras, attempted by the Company of the Ring.

*Orodruin / Mount Doom:

A volcanic mountain in Mordor; the One Ring was forged by Sauron in its fires. Orodruin erupted with Sauron's rising and there was another major eruption when Gollum fell into the Fire of Doom with the One Ring.


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