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from A Guide to Middle Earth by Robert Foster.

Hash-marked# names are characters present/mentioned in the Hobbit movies.
*Asterisked names are characters present/mentioned in the LotR movies.

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Although rather obscure during the First Age (except for the Edain), the power of this race grew, and in the Fourth Age they eclipsed all other races. Men are too diverse both physically and culturally to be described in one entry. The Dúnedain of Gondor divided Men into three groups: the Men of the West - the Dúnedain; the Men of the Twilight - peoples such as the Rohirrim; and the Men of Darkness, or the Wild - men of lesser stature and nature, unrelated to the Edain.


One of the Edain, hero and elf-friend of the First Age. When his father was slain by the forces of Morgoth, Beren fled through the Mountains of Terror and eventually reached Doriath, where he met and fell in love with Lúthien, an Elven princess. Together, they had many adventures, including stealing one of the Silmarilli from the Iron Crown of Morgoth. Beren and Lúthien had at least one child, Dior, whose daughter bore two sons, Elrond and Elros. Beren was eventually slain by the Wolf from Angband. He was called Beren One-hand because at some point during his adventures, he suffered the loss of one of his hands.


One of the Dúnedain of Númenor and the first King of Gondor and Arnor. When Númenor fell, Elendil escaped to Middle-earth with his sons Isildur and Anárion, along with nine ships, the palantíri, and a seed of the White Tree from the King's court in Númenor. In Middle-earth, he established Arnor and Gondor, which he and his sons governed. With Gil-galad, Elendil led the Last Alliance in the overthrow of Sauron, and he was slain by Sauron on the slopes of Orodruin. Elendil's sword, Narsil, was broken during that battle, and his son Isildur took possession of the shards.


Elder son of Elendil and co-ruler of Gondor with his brother Anárion after they and his father escaped the ruin of Númenor. As Lord of Ithilien, Isildur founded Minas Ithil and ruled there until Sauron took the city during the Second Age. In 3441, Isildur stood by his father in the final battle against Sauron, and when his father was slain and Narsil broken, Isildur took up the shards of his father's sword and cut off Sauron's finger, defeating the Enemy and gaining possession of Sauron's One Ring. Claiming the Ring as his own, Isildur ruled Gondor for another two years, then rode north to Arnor, leaving Gondor in the hands of Meneldil, Anárion's son. On the road to Arnor, Isildur's party was ambushed in the Gladden Fields by a host of Orcs. Isildur tried to escape by putting on the Ring and swimming in the Anduin, but the Ring slipped off and he was slain.

*Aragorn II (King Elessar)#:

Sixteenth and last Chieftain of the Dúnedain of the North and, as Elessar, first King of the Reunited Kingdom. As heir to Isildur, he was raised secretly in Rivendell to protect him from Sauron. He met Arwen when he was twenty, but Elrond would not consent to marry his daughter to any man who was less than a King of both Arnor and Gondor. That same year, Elrond revealed to him his lineage and he went off into the Wild, where he wandered for nearly seventy years, fighting against Sauron and learning the customs of various peoples. In 2980, he met Gandalf and they became close friends. When Bilbo met Aragorn in Rivendell, he wrote a RIDDLE POEM about him. Aragorn met Frodo and his companions at Bree and helped them get to Rivendell. After Gandalf fell in Khazad-dûm, he led the fellowship. After the War of the Ring, Aragorn became King of the Reunited Kingdom and Lord of the Western Lands, earning Elrond's consent to marry Arwen. He reigned for 120 years, and had one son, Eldarion, and a number of daughters. Aragorn was known by many different names. He was called 'Estel' in his youth, 'Thorongil' in Gondor during his wanderings, 'Elessar' and 'Elfstone' by both Galadriel and the people of Gondor, and 'Strider' by the people of Bree. He took the Quenya equivalent of Strider, 'Telcontar', as his family name.


A Dúnadan of the North and the mother of Aragorn, her only child. Gilraen lived for a while in Rivendell after the death of her husband before returning to her home in Eriador.

*Denethor II:

Dúnadan, twenty-sixth and last Ruling Steward of Gondor. In 2976, Denethor married Finduilas of Dol Amroth. She bore him two children, Boromir and Faramir, but died in 2988. After her death, Denethor became grim and withdrawn. When his elder and favorite son, Boromir, died in 3019, and Faramir was stricken with the Black Breath, Denethor lost his reason and tried to cremate Faramir. He was stopped, but did succeed in killing himself in the resulting fire. Another cause of his madness may have been a vision in the palantír of the fleet of the Corsairs sailing up the Anduin. Sauron was at least partially controlling the images that he saw and so he was most likely unaware that the ships were in reality commanded by Aragorn. Despite his dislike of Gandalf, Denethor was an able ruler, worthy of honor despite his ignoble end.


Eldest son of Denethor II. Boromir went to Imladris in search of the answer to a dream he and his brother had. He took part in the Council of Elrond and became one of the Companions of the Ring. Shortly before the breaking of the fellowship, the spell of the Ring overcame him and in his lust to possess it, he tried to kill Frodo. He immediately regretted his actions and later that day, he died defending Merry and Pippin from a band of Orcs. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli gave him a proper FUNERAL and set his body afloat down the Anduin.


Second son of Denethor II. Faramir was a gentle, discerning man and a lover of lore and music, although he was also a brave warrior, much loved by his soldiers. Because of his gentle nature and his friendship with Gandalf, he displeased his father. During the War of the Ring, Faramir led the retreat from Osgiliath to Minas Tirith before the Siege of Gondor. He fell under the Black Breath and was nearly cremated by his father in Denethor's madness. After being rescued by Beregond and Gandalf, he was healed by Aragorn and while recovering, he met and fell in love with Éowyn, whom he married after the War of the Ring. With the return of the King to Gondor, Faramir was made Steward of Gondor, Prince of Ithilien, and Lord of Emyn Arnen.


Seventeenth King of Rohan. Under Saruman's spells, worked through Théoden's evil counselor Gríma, Théoden decayed toward the end of his reign, but in 3019 he was healed by Gandalf. Théoden LED THE ROHIRRIM against Saruman and then to the aid of Gondor against Mordor in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields where he was slain by the Lord of the Nazgûl.


Only child of King Théoden, Théodred was the Second Marshal of the Mark and was slain in battle at the Fords of Isen during the War of the Ring.


Eighteenth King of Rohan, son of Théodwyn and Éomund and nephew of King Théoden. Théoden, at his death during the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, named Éomer as his heir. After the War of the Ring, Éomer became King of Rohan, and renewed the Oath of Eorl with King Elessar. In 3020, Éomer married Lothíriel of Dol Amroth and she bore him at least one child, Elfwine the Fair.


Woman of Rohan, daughter of Éomund and Théodwyn and sister of Éomer. During the War of the Ring, she met and fell in love with Aragorn. She despaired when he rode the Paths of the Dead, thinking him lost, and disguising herself as a man, rode to Gondor with the Rohirrim. In the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, with the aid of Merry, she slew the Lord of the Nazgûl and his steed. The evil from coming into contact with the Nazgûl-lord, combined with the years of waiting on Théoden in his dotage and her hopeless love for Aragorn, caused in her a severe case of the Black Breath. Aragorn released her from her illness, and while recovering, she met Faramir. Giving up her desire to be a free, independent shield-maiden, she married Faramir and became Lady of Ithilien.

*Barliman Butterbur:

Man of Bree, keeper of the Prancing Pony, and a friend of Gandalf's. Short, fat, bald, and red-faced, Butterbur was good-hearted, but had a terrible memory.

*Gríma Wormtongue:

Man of Rohan and chief counsellor to King Théoden. Gríma was also a spy of Saruman, and Éowyn was to have been his reward for serving the wizard. When Gandalf arrived, releasing Théoden from his lies, Gríma fled to Isengard. Later he accompanied Saruman to the Shire, where he killed his master and was in turn slain by the Hobbits.

Bard I#:

Descendent of Girion of Dale, born and raised in Esgaroth, and a noted archer. In 2941, he organized the defense of the town against Smaug and killed the dragon, then led the army of Men in the Battle of the Five Armies. Bard used his share of Smaug's hoard to rebuild Dale, where he became King, and his heirs ruled after him. Father of Bain.


Son of Bard I and second king of Dale (2977-3007).


Chieftain of the Beornings, men of the Vales of Anduin, living on both sides of the river near the Carrock. The Beornings were descended from the Edain or their close kin, and thus spoke a language related to Adûnaic and Rohirric. They were distrustful of strangers, but greatly hated Orcs, and in return for tolls, kept the High Pass and the Ford of Carrock safe for merchants. They were famed for their baking, especially of honey-cakes, did not eat meat, and were very friendly with animals. Beorn was able to transform into the shape of a large bear, although this was probably not representative of his people. After Gandalf overcame his initial suspicions in Third Age 2941, Beorn fed and protected Thorin and Company, and was later instrumental in winning the Battle of the Five Armies. In that battle he killed Bolg, the leader of the Orkish forces.

Master of Esgaroth#:

The ruler of Esgaroth, seemingly elected by the merchants of the town (not hereditary). At the time of Thorin and Company's expedition, the Master was greedy and selfish, and not much good in an emergency. After the fall of Smaug, he absconded with the money given to him by Bard for the repair of Esgaroth, and died in the Waste.

Alfrid Lickspittle#:

Not a character from the books. The Master of Lake-town had councillors, but they weren't named and had only the briefest of mentions in the story.


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